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th_mrssshurley's Journal

10 October
With Chuck
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adam/ed, ava/ali, baby weight, bacon lube, bobby/ali, bobby/ellen, breast feeding, carver edlund, cas/dean, cas/sam, casey/ali, cheese, chuck/becky, dean, dean/cas, dean/tessa, dogs, draco/ginny, drinking, ellen/crowley, ellen/sir, fanfiction, gabe/anna, gabe/lucifer, harry can diaf, harry fucking sucks, harry sucks ass, harry/hermione, harry/no one, i'm going to hell, luci/mike, lucifer/sam, married to god, mary/nun, michael/lucifer/gabriel, mother of three, needing a bigger house, parties, ron/nevil, sam, sam/cas, sam/dean, sam/jess, sassy, shipping, sir, sir/mary, sirius/remus, snape/lily, supernatural, the roadhouse, three babies at once, triplets, unicorns, voldemort/dumbledor, war/death, wincest, winchester, woo party, zach/uri